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Adding macOS/iOS Shortcuts support to the note-taking tool Obsidian
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Actions For Obsidian

Supported platforms: macOS 13.0+, iOS 16.0+
Pricing model:

  • Free download with 14 day Trial Period + 20 day Extended Trial Period
  • One-time license starting at $9.99 / €11.99, no subscription
  • "Pay what your productivity is worth to you" pricing

Promo image, showing the macOS Shortcuts editor with several AFO actions open, overlaid with the text "40+ Shortcuts actions for working with Obsidian"

Actions For Obsidian adds over 40 actions to Apple's Shortcuts for working with Obsidian notes and vaults, making Obsidian a first-class Shortcuts citizen.

The personal knowledge management tool Obsidian is very powerful, and its large community has created hundreds of useful plugins that make working inside an Obsidian vault even more powerful and easier, but there was no integration with macOS/iOS and Apple's automation ecosystem until now. Actions for Obsidian adds that integration and makes it easy to bring information from other apps into your notes, or to bring information from your vaults into other apps.

It is a productivity tool.


AFO adds Shortcuts actions for …

  • creating, accessing, and manipulating notes & folders
  • triggering Obsidian commands
  • working with Dataview queries
  • getting information from the current vault

Why does this app exist?

This is best answered with an example. 😉

Before AFO, if you wanted to get information from your Google calendar into an Obsidian note, you'd use an Obsidian plugin that connected to your Google account and pulled the remote calendar data into your local vault. Personally, I prefer the local-first approach — chances are you've already connected macOS/iOS to your Google account, and the Calendar app already handles that data, so why not just use it through Calendar's Shortcuts actions?

Now think of all the other applications you already use that don't have Obsidian plugins, but many of which do support Shortcuts — their data just opened up to be used with your notes, because Actions For Obsidian plugs Obsidian into Shortcuts.

Its target demographic are macOS & iOS users who want to better connect their notes and vaults with all their other apps.


The app is free to download from the App Store. There is a 14 day trial period. After the trial period, the Shortcuts actions will start to trigger "Please buy" reminder dialogs.

A license removes these reminders.

Pay What You Think Is Fair

Customers can choose from one of three base prices depending on how much they think is fair: "S", "M", and "L". These licenses differ in nothing but the price.

It's an experiment in fairness, basically. For example, I hope that if someone uses Actions For Obsidian in a commercial setting, they'll pick the "L" license (which looks great on an expense report!). Or even if it's for personal use, and they feel it makes you 3× as productive, they might select something else than the "S" level. It's entirely up to them, though.

So far, this concepts works out rather well.

Developer & Press Contact

Carlo Zottmann,, from Flensburg, Germany.

Please note: It's "Carlo", not "Carlos", and it's "Zottmann", not "Zottman". 😉
(My name is misspelled often enough to make a note about it, yes.)

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