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The Story Behind Your Weather Forecast
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Deep Weather: Your Weather Forecast and the Thinking Behind it

Deep Weather provides detailed, accurate, authoritative weather information from the National Weather Service and other sources in a format that makes it directly actionable. Deep Weather distinguishes itself from other weather apps by focusing on deep, detailed and sometimes a bit technical weather information for decision makers, outdoorspeople, sailors, pilots etc.


  • Quick access to the "behind the scenes" thinking of your local National Weather Service experts.
  • Analysis of the factors that could affect the forecast so that you'll be able to adjust to changes in the weather.
  • Weather detail not available in most weather apps
  • Curated up-to-date weather graphics
  • Aviation, Fire Weather, Climate, Hydrology, Long Term outlooks and more.

Who is Deep Weather For?

Deep Weather is designed for anyone who needs a more detailed understanding of the weather forecast than other apps provide. This includes factors that might influence the forecast going forward, where it is headed, etc. Weather nerds love it, but especially Pilots, hikers, boaters, and decision makers in fields that are affected by the forecast will get great utility from it.


The app is free to use and contains no ads! A Pro subscription for $19.99 per year supports the app and provides many extra features such as A Pop-up Meteorological Glossary, Favorite Stations List, Custom Home Station, Single Page "Magazine" mode, etc.

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