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Search your photo library by color.

An iPad and and iPhone with screenshots of PhotoShade


  • Search all your photos, or just within a certain album
  • Results update live as you select a colour
  • Look either for the best matching photos, or the most recent
  • Share the photos you choose, or add them to an album
  • Support for drag and drop and context menus
  • Beautiful and unique design

Release Date

Saturday, the 19th of February (PST)

Who is this for?

PhotoShade is for anyone who is interested in looking at their photo library in a unique way - from photography enthusiasts to everyday users. It can be used to find the perfect photo matching a certain theme, or fits perfectly in a social media post about a holiday. And, it's just plain fun to slide to a color and watch the photo grid update dynamically.


PhotoShade is free to download. If users would like to search within specific albums or filter by most recent, they can upgrade to PhotoShade Premium for $1.99 (A$2.99, 1,99 €).

Promo Codes

Please contact me at if you are in the media and would like a promo code.

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