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What is stoic?

stoic is your mental health companion – it helps you understand your emotions and provides insights on how to be happier, more productive, and overcome obstacles.

At its heart, stoic helps you prepare for your day in the morning and reflect on your day in the evening. In the process, we also guide you to journal with thought-provoking prompts, build better habits, track your moods, and more.


  • Morning Preparation: Start the perfect day with our personalized daily planner. Prepare your notes and to-do list so nothing can surprise you during the day.

  • Evening Reflection: Reflect on your actions with our habit tracker in the evening to grow as a human and get better every day.

  • Track your mood throughout the day and do bite-sized mental health exercises if you need them.

  • Guided journals on topics in productivity, happiness, gratitude, stress & anxiety, relationships, therapy, self-discovery, and much more.

  • Journaling Suggestions based on events that happened in your life, places you visited, photos in your library, songs that you have on repeat, and more.

  • Templates, prompts, and lessons based on science-backed research and techniques.

  • Personalized Reflections - get custom prompts based on your focuses by Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, and more

  • Writing Analysis - use AI to analyze your entries, uncover patterns, and get follow-up prompts

  • Smart Reminders - get personalized notifications based on your day powered by AI

  • Meditations – unguided or guided sessions to help you meditate with background sounds and timed chimes.

  • Breathing Exercises – science-backed exercises to help you relax, focus, feel calm, sleep better and more.

  • Stoic Shield - block distracting apps and reduce screen time.

  • Sleep Better - journal your dreams, nightmares, and overcome insomnia with lessons by Huberman and Sleep Foundation.

  • Quotes & Affirmations – read up on stoic philosophy and better your mood.

  • Therapy Notes – prepare for your therapy sessions, track your progress, and reflect on them.

  • Daily Prompts - thought-provoking prompts to help you journal better.

Who is stoic for?

Anyone who wants to improve their mental health and/or wants to get into the habit of journaling, building healthier habits, improving their mood, reduce stress & anxiety, be more productive, and live a happier life.


We have a free forever plan that covers all the basics you might need. In addition to that, we have premium plans that unlocks the entire app including hundreds of custom guided journals, daily prompts, guided meditations, breathing exercises, AI features, and more.

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