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Workout tracking app for iOS
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FitNotes is a workout tracker and companion app

Recording and adjusting your workouts is easy, and you can see your personal stats and charts to evaluate your progress. Includes tools to help you in the gym, such as a plate calculator and a personal records tracker.


  • Record and edit your workouts
  • Use templates or copy previous workouts for faster entry
  • Add any exercise you want
  • View progress in charts or summary statistics
  • Plate calculator
  • One-rep max calculator
  • Percentages calculator, for percentage-based programming
  • Body tracker, to keep a record of your body weight or any other measurement, with graphs. Syncs to HealthKit.
  • Import and export data freely
  • WatchKit companion app

Who is this app for?

This app is for people who workout, primarily with weights, and want to keep track of their progress and have a history of what they've done in the gym.


Free trial of 12 workouts; after 12 workouts are saved, no more can be added without the paid version, but all other features remain available.

The app offers a lifetime purchase option, or a yearly or monthly subscription.

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Supported Platforms

iOS 14+, WatchOS 9+

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