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Away: Dashboard for Twitter

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Away for Twitter helps you use social media less, not more

Away for Twitter shows your new messages, statistics for your latest tweets, new replies, and more.

To support your mental health, the app can show rounded number of followers, as well as lets you pick which stats you care about.

The app respects your privacy, so all data stays on-device.


  • unanswered direct messages
  • stats for your latest tweets - replies, quotes, retweets, likes. Hide what you don't care about
  • mentions and replies
  • time since your last tweet
  • number of followers - rounded or precise
  • deep links to your installed client where you can interact with your audience
  • multiple Twitter accounts

Who is this app for?

If you want to use social media less, but still want to keep an eye your accounts - Away is for you.


With a one-time upgrade to Pro you unlock multiple accounts and ability to see stats for more tweets.


Best place to start if you want to quit social media. - P. Krishna

The app really nails one use case: checking my DMs, latest tweets without getting sidetracked into mindless scrolling. - Stephen P.

Thanks for making Away for Twitter, I love the idea and the execution is looking great. - João P.

Very handy tool! I like having all of the info front and center when you open the app. - Dimer H.

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iOS 15+, macOS 12+



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