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Control all of your finances with ease: Enter your budget, get insights and keep track of all your income and expenses.
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What is Budget Flow?

Budget Flow lets you keep track of your income and expenses and manage them effortlessly. This modern and user-friendly expense tracking app is quick to set up, requires no registration and can even be used offline. Budget Flow is the app for anyone who wants to manage their finances efficiently while maintaining a high level of data security and privacy.


Clear financial management:

  • Keep track of your accounts, balances and transactions
  • Configurable dashboard with numerous widgets
  • Multiple sorting, search and filtering options
  • Customizable time period for the entire app

Create accounts and categories:

  • Create multiple accounts and categories
  • Personalizable with icons, emojis and colors
  • Organize categories into folders

Easy transaction management:

  • One-time and recurring transactions
  • Integrated calculator for accurate entries
  • Automatic conversion to over 150 currencies
  • Add photos, locations and notes
  • Scan receipts including automatic evaluation
  • Reminders for planned transactions

Budget planning:

  • Plan budgets for your categories
  • Choose different recurrence intervals

Shared budgeting:

  • Supports multiple budget books and users
  • Share data via iCloud to collaborate with multiple people

Data security:

  • Secure data storage
  • No login required
  • FaceID / TouchID / Passcode support

Other features:

  • Apple Watch app incl. complications
  • Mac app incl. keyboard support & shortcuts
  • Home & lockscreen widgets
  • Siri shortcut support
  • Import and export data via CSV file
  • Numerous personalization options
  • Seamless iCloud synchronization
  • Responsive design incl. darkmode
  • Dynamic text size
  • ...and much more!


All basic features, such as creating unlimited transactions and a handful of categories, are available free of charge. However, features can be upgraded with a monthly or annual subscription, or with a one-time-purchase. Following options are available:

  • $4.99 monthly subscription
  • $29.99 yearly subscription
  • $69.99 one-time-purchase

The actual prices may vary depending on your region.

Who created Budget Flow?

Budget Flow was started as a side project and since then it has been completely designed, developed and maintained by me, Fabian Hasse. I am an enthusiastic software developer with over 9 years of expertise. While my main profession is developing desktop applications for vehicle testing and engineering, I am equally passionate about app development.

Why was the app developed?

In my search for an expense planning solution, I tried numerous apps from the App Store, including many from the "top" lists. However, after downloading more than 20 apps, I found that many of them had problems such as critical bugs, unintuitive/outdated user interfaces, privacy concerns, or missing features, so none of them really satisfied me. As a result, I decided to build my own budgeting app that would address these shortcomings and meet the needs of users looking for a comprehensive solution.

Over the course of two years, starting in 2021, I spent countless hours developing the app. During this time, I meticulously refined its functionality, design, and user experience. Today, I am very proud of the final product, which I believe strikes the perfect balance between ease of use, powerful features, and uncompromised privacy.

I'm looking forward to hearing your feedback. Also, if you like the app, feel free to recommend it to your friends / family or on social media. It really helps a lot! 😊

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iOS 16+, iPadOS 16+, macOS 13+, watchOS 9+


Supports 28+ languages and multiple regions


Dynamic font sizes, display customization and keyboard support

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