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Super-fast emoji picker for macOS
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TextPal is a super-fast emoji picker for macOS.

TextPal brings a Slack-inspired emoji picker to all apps on your Mac. Type \brain in any app and press Return to see 🧠.


  • Customize the trigger key
  • Configure a shortcut to activate TextPal
  • Insert the selected emoji by pressing Return
  • Insert an emoji repeatedly by pressing Shift-Return
  • Instantly insert an emoji from the top ten search results with Command + 0-9
  • Show recently inserted emojis by double-tapping the trigger key
  • Pick a default skin tone
  • Select skin tone variations of an emoji by pressing Right Arrow or Option-Return
  • Choose a list or grid UI
  • Disable TextPal's trigger key in specific apps or websites by adding them to Exceptions

Who is this app for?

People who love Slack or Discord's super-fast emoji picker and would like to see a similar style of emoji picker in all other apps.

Pay what you want.

You can download TextPal for free, but feel free to drop some \moneybags!

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