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Stay Productive. Avoid Burnout.
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Stay Productive. Avoid Burnout.

Build repeatable Focus Sessions that help you stay focused on any task, and avoid distractions.


  • Create focus sessions with Work, Break, and Planning stages
  • Customizable Focus Timer
  • Block distracting iOS apps, Mac apps, and websites while working
  • Set daily focus session reminders and Focus Locations
  • Complete daily productivity goals, and form healthy productivity habits
  • Leverage Shortcuts & Automations to integrate Focused Work with your workflow
  • Assign Projects & Tags with Toggl Track
  • Sync created sessions and productivity history between iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Designed & optimised for iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey

Who is this app for?

Focused Work is purpose-built for people who struggle with focusing and structuring their time effectively.

Folks can create repeatable focus sessions that help break down a task into smaller parts, with structured Work, Break, and Planning stages.

Focused Work encourages you to be self-accountable, avoid distractions, and create healthy productivity habits.

Why did I create this?

I created Focused Work to help me in two areas of my life;

  • Struggling to focus and get work done when I'm unmotivated
  • Working for too long without breaks, and feeling mentally drained/burnt out

Focused Work helps me maintain focus & motivation by breaking down tasks into smaller, achievable parts - in the form of a Focus Session.

Completing smaller tasks builds momentum and morale, and with the app's periodic reminders to stay focused, I'm able to consistently remain on-task.

The app features a powerful Session Creator tool that makes it really easy to create different kinds of focus sessions.

I can assign projects & tasks with Toggl Track, apply an App & Website Filter, and trigger Shortcut Automations during my session. These help me maintain a balanced workload and ensure that I avoid most kinds of distractions.

Where other focus timers fall short in their rigidness, Focused Work adds the creative freedom needed to optimise for any task.


Focused Work is free to download. Folks can upgrade to Focused Work Pro for $4.99/month, $29.99/year, or $49.99/lifetime to gain access to additional functionality & configurations.

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